Friday, February 26, 2010

Exhibition Flyer

ok the exhibition flyer just went off to the printers and will come back in a few days... then I can start distributing it and then also mail out invites for the opening... take a look:

It's reminiscent of the book cover with a few differences... and I'll probably use this sort of design for the poster too.

I've also finished the book and ordered a couple to see how they come out... I'm considering offering a smaller version at the show.

Next it's time to investigate framing options that don't bankrupt me... ;-)



  1. Good luck with the last preparations Julian, not an easy job to get it al sorted perhaps but I am sure the result will be good! I am looking forward to seeing your work. Rene (vdp)

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  3. That looks good. I hope that you'll share more details on that. I would like to know more before going.