Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LightPulses from MrWinter

Mr Winter requested my assistance for his latest release entitled LightPulses, an ambient ride through some of his latest sonic meanderings mellowed with tasty tidbits and aural treats from sessions gone past. This being a purely digital release, Chris requested an animated gif for the cover, and let's face it, who doesn't love an animated gif lately?

w00t, two for two.
After listening to a pre-release version of the mix [putting my headphones on and going 'somewhere else' for a bit], the music demanded something spatial and ethereal...

I'd been gagging to experiment with LEDs and fibre optics and longer exposures some more and this led the charge into creating the imagery this time. The final result is a combination of some long exposure images like these:

Some Maya motion-blurred object rendering, a little comping in Shake and finally some logo and colour work in Photoshop, et voila!:

Thanks for the opportunity to work with you again MrWinter!