Thursday, March 3, 2011

Caught my eye

Two photographers have caught my eye lately, namely Mitch Dowbrowner and Camille Seaman. They're both devoted and hard-working landscape photographers who really focus on waiting for the right moment when the light is right... if you agree that 99% of life is showing up, then these two not only show up but then wait the extra time for the moment to arrive.

You can easily see the influence of Ansel Adams in Mitch's photos, and it's unclear whether he's enhancing  the pockets of detail and nuanced exposure in his images by digital means after the capture, or by getting his fingers dirty in the developer tray [like Ansel did] during the enlargement process... but either way, if you've never seen his stuff, take a look at his online portfolio here:

[is this infrared? Digital or film? Mitch doesn't reveal too much on his site about how he shoots.]

Likewise, Camille Seaman's work exhibits the same decisive patience where paying close attention to the light is vital in the composition - she admittedly states she almost never manipulates her images post shooting. Something that I hadn't realised about her lighting choices for icebergs is that she says you need to wait for overcast conditions to expose their character, whereas I had assumed that bright sunlight would be necessary for sharp form relief... Here's her site: