Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Virtual Reality Christmas Eve!

It's been a long wait for people interested in getting their hands on the consumer VR hardware Oculus' founder Palmer Luckey first dreamt up on the MTBS3D forums four years or so ago. It's been an even longer wait for people [myself included] who were expecting it to take off in the mid-90s when The Lawnmower Man had us all thinking the shape of work to come was suspended leather couches and skin-tight glowing bodysuits. Thankfully that is not to be the case.

But, it's now finally time for this:

And the below gif singlehandedly sums up the mood of myself and the VR community:

Looks like I'll be waiting till late April/mid May for the delivery of my CV1 darnit. I was a day late to the kickstarter for the DK1. Had I been a little snappier I'd be hopefully receiving my free CV1 this Monday, as shipping to the original kickstarter backers has commenced!

Bring it on.