Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's been a busy couple of months

And look what just made it into beta to scare Facebook? Google+ is here to hopefully challenge FB on it's own turf, right some wrongs and give us another yet another social network to spend our time on. My question is, which post for which network? Are you going to spend time updating two [in my case... in your case maybe more?] pages on your comings and goings? Or will it be Posterous that you use to click once and be everywhere?

Google buzz came outta the gate and got slammed a year or so ago for being a little too open and friendly by automatically adding your contacts to everyone else's, thus instantly destroying one of the more delicate tasks involved in sharing your digital self - the task of controlling who gets to see what about you and your daily life? Google+ manages this by letting you arbitrarily create sharing 'circles' whose membership you can define in a highly dynamic manner. It's pretty elegant and it turns out, put together by an ex-Apple employee Andy Hertzfeld and the clarity and simplicity is evident. I was able to quickly find my way around, set up new contacts and manage existing ones and create posts etc... I think however Google do owe a fair bit to the layout of Facebook and the miles that interface has traveled.

On another note I'll soon be spending a photographic weekend with my buddy Brian Lomas and should have some image based fun to share after we've had a mad session of shutter clicking and burrito eating. 

In the meantime, work at Weta has taken some very interesting turns and I can but leave you with this cryptic image to describe my involvement: