Saturday, October 10, 2009

200mm f/1.8

So my friend Matt has allowed me to baby-sit his 200mm f/1.8 Canon L lens for a little bit. The thing is a monster and quite heavy. I'm only mostly re-assured that the neck strap attaches to the LENS not my CAMERA. But seriously, Canon doesn't make this lens anymore and I'd hate to have to replace it.

'Dad, your new lens is broken, I can't see anything...'

'Yes, Son.'


  1. The super tle 200f/1.8 IS USM looks quite large, and it certainly is, but it wrighs less than canon's EF600mmf/4L IS USM and is about the same size. Canon says that the new EF 800'S lightweight magnesium alloy lens barrel helps keep the weight down. Canon is also touting it as the longest focal length lens available with optical image stabilization, with the caveat that the claim is based on published competitive data as oftoday.

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