Thursday, December 1, 2011

MrWinter - Urban Shepherd - CD packaging and shoot

So, my friend Chris Winter [MrWinter] has just finished putting the eyebrows on his latest effort entitled 'Urban Shepherd'. It's a modern jazz/blues/electronica/brass-infused romp worthy of your time and ears. He plays percussion, keyboards, brass, sings, mixes, mics everything and makes the tea too. He asked me to help conceive and shoot the cover as well as put the CD packaging together. I told him I'd be delighted.

I'd initially said something with lights and long exposures in the studio would be cool but he had other things in mind, including a crook and a cloak and a trumpet. We hashed out the idea that he'd be a back country shepherd on his way into town to convert a flock of cityfolk to the way, the trumpet and the light.

At some point this involved rain, and a bus stop, a remote release camera, lighting and some car tail lights. I went and shot a test or two alone so we stood a better chance of hitting it right on the night and I think we got what we wanted in the first 5-8 frames. I love it when a plan comes together! Take a look at the cover images and then the resulting CD packaging below. And if you want to listen and/or buy head straight over to

This forms the front and the back of the package.

100% crop

cover and disc

inside panels - shot with an Olloclip on an iPhone4 - shhhhhh!

One of the promotional posters and the disc label image too. Hooray for the polar coordinates filter!

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